Using aluminum cookware six unfavorable

Aluminum Item including pot, bowl, spoon, shovel, boxes, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, lightweight, durable, fast heat conduction, fuel and many other advantages, have replaced the iron cooker into people's homes. But with the development of science and technology, people found that Aluminum Item too much and harm to human health, can make the person mood be agitated, depressed, unresponsive, brain aging speed, even cause of senile dementia and mental retardation in infants. Because many families there are many aluminum cookware is still in use, in order to avoid the use of aluminum cookware makes aluminum intake too much harm, put forward the following six should not be:

(1) is not appropriate to make 
Aluminum Item and other hard ware phase friction
The study found that, in the food of aluminum, aluminum products is almost always due to inner wall or bottom and other hard cooking phase friction to. Therefore, in the use of aluminum cookware, best not to use the other hard, sharp instruments, friction to avoid; other cookware turning aluminum in food, attention should be paid to mitigation operation, to avoid the force shovel, scraping pan (basin) side wall or bottom.
(2) should not be used in conjunction with the iron cookware 
Aluminum Item
This is not only because of the two with the hard ware, easy to crash, but also because the aluminum and iron are two kinds of chemical activity of different metal, when they are in the food into the electrolyte, aluminum, iron is easy to form a chemical battery, battery effect is the result of the aluminum corrosion or the aluminum ions into the food.
(3) should not be ignored in the use of aluminum pot before heating
Chemical reactivity of aluminum is very strong, it can quickly oxidized in air, the inner layer of the coating aluminum protection to generate a dense not by further oxidation. Aluminum pot before use slightly heating, can make the water film and oxidation of fat covering layer breakage oxidation, in order to reduce the aluminum in the formal cooking exudation.
(4) use aluminum pot cooked food should not be too long
Use aluminum pot cooking time is longer, the number of aluminum in food will be more. Therefore, use aluminum pot cooking time as short as possible.
(5) should not use aluminum pot, aluminum bowl dish or soup
Many people used to use aluminum pot, aluminum pot for containing a dish or soup, this is a very unscientific practice. This is because: the dish or soup, usually contains salt, acid or alkali, they a certain chemical reaction will occur and aluminum, especially the acid and alkali, serious corrosion of aluminum. Use aluminum pot, aluminum pot dish (soup) will not only greatly shorten its service life, and can make food (soup) aluminum elements into more, and then eat very harmful to human health.
(6) is not cleaned for aluminum utensils
Aluminum Item after use, should be promptly wash with detergent oil, soup wash away with water, and the dry or dry clean, then stored for reuse. If you do not wash clean storage, will accelerate the corrosion, shorten the service life.
In fact, with the improvement of people's living standards, many families will be gradually eliminated by aluminum cookware, stainless steel, plastic and other products. In the aluminum cookware is coated with polymer materials has also become a new cooker direction, such as non stick pot with Teflon coating. If not the economy does not permit, the reader is advised to be entirely out of aluminum utensils, just for myself not suffering from Alzheimer's disease.


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